Hernandez, Raquel
"Teachers are the lamps which guide through the night, The shining stars that twinkle whenever you outshine them, A hand that leads you toward the future, An excellent mentor who never gives up on you, And a warm friend that radiates with love."

Andrea Jie  

It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you and your 3rd grade child to 3A at Douglass Elementary. I am Ms. Hernandez and I will be your child's teacher this year. I am proud to say that I am a former Douglass student, a Bowie High school graduate and received my degree from Sul Ross State University. Many wonderful things will happen as your child continues to grow. You are a very important part of this experience because you will help your child at home, with homework and daily reading. Together we will work towards your child's success.

I am available to meet with you during my conference time at 12:40-1:25

Ms. Hernandez

                               Ms. Hernandez 3A
                                 Classroom Rules

1.  Listen when others are talking
            *Raise your hand to speaking
            *Treat others as you want to be treated
 2.  Follow Directions
            *Complete all assignments
            *Bring all materials to class
            *Be on time and ready to work
 3.  Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
            *To avoid injuries
            *Keep your desk area clean
            *Do not bring any distracting objects
 4.   Work quietly and do not disturb others
             *Stay on task
             *Be courteous of others around you
 5.  Show respect for school and personal property
             *Work and play in a safe manner
             *Follow all school rules inside and outside of the classroom

Rewards for following the Rules:
1.  Praise from the teacher
2.  Free-choice of classroom activities (centers, computers, etc.)
3. Trip to “Teacher Treasure Box”
4. Increase knowledge and self-discipline.

1st Step: Verbal warning.
2nd Step: Note to parent.
3rd Step: Parent Conference
4th Step:  If the student continues
to cause problems in the classroom (after all of the above steps have taken
place) the teacher will refer the student to the office and a mandatory
Parent-Student-Teacher-Principal conference will take place.

It is very important for you to know that your child will have homework four nights a week. 
For now there will be no homework on Friday’s.  I ask that you please review ad sign the binder with your child, which will contain the homework log, reading log, and the discipline action report folder.  The homework log, reading log, and the discipline action report must be signed every night acknowledging that you reviewed you child’s dragon binder.  If they are not signed by you, he/she will stay without recess time or after school.  All homework assignments must be completed and turned in the next day. In addition, if the homework is not brought in or is incomplete he/she will stay without recess time.