Villalva, Monica

Hello My Name Is...

Monica Villalva

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Welcome to my home page! My name is Monica Villalva and I am a fourth grade teacher.  I have been teaching for many years.  I enjoy teaching and will help your child learn.

Classroom Rules

Listen carefully and follow directions quickly.
Raise your hand before you speak and stay in your seat.
Work quietly and do not disturb others who are working.
Respect others and school property.  Be kind with your words.
Keep your teacher happy!!


Verbal warning
Second warning name on board
Check by name and detention
Second check and call to parents

If you would like to meet with me, my conference period is:

Monday 1:30-2:15
Tuesday 1:30-2:15
Thursday 1:30-2:15
Friday 1:30-2:15