Kishk, Randi

Welcome to the World of Room 118

My name is Randi Kishk. I went to Putnam Elementary, Morehead Middle School and Coronado High School in the El Paso A Grand LifeIndependent School District. I then graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and got a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and Special Education. I received a Masters Degree in Computers in Education from Lesley College. I have been teaching special education for 29 years. I am currently working as a Resource Room and Inclusion teacher. I am honored to be working at a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School. 

Educational Philosophy

My philosophy of education is based on Marc Gold’s theory of “Try another way.” I refuse to give up! As I learn more about my students and their disabilities, modifications are continually made to meet individual needs. There is no one “right way”. I continually strive to be creative and innovative to improve instruction. I work to instill an understanding that learning is a life-long quest which is necessary in meeting individual needs toward independence in a continually changing world. Educating and working with parents on behalf of their child is an essential priority. Family involvement is a crucial component to ensure success. My commitment to improving education makes me realize that like the students, I must assimilate new information daily. My knowledge base is continually expanding through staff development, workshops, professional reading and professional affiliations, ensuring that I possess the skills necessary to make a significant impact on the community. As long as I am alive, well and have the capacity to change the direction of education, my objective is to make a positive impact on the lives of the students whose lives I touch.

I am available on week days from 2:20-3:05 PM.