Collier, Lisa

Welcome to the Frederick Douglass Elementary School Library!!

Books w globe clock calculatorI am a born and raised El Pasoan, having lived all but about five years of my life here. I attended EPISD (EPPS) schools from grades 3-12; I graduated from Burges High School in the sort-of distant past.

I started at UTEP in the fall of the same year of graduated high school. A few years later I moved to Colorado, and earned my B.S. Elementary Education at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

I moved back to El Paso and spent my first year teaching in Socorro ISD. I then transferred to EPISD as a teacher. I returned to school, earning a M. Ed. Elementary Administration degree at UTEP. I graduated when my oldest child was 9 months old.

I later returned to school, earning my M.L.I.S. from UT Austin through a distance education program. I graduated when my youngest was in kindergarten. He wanted me to keep going to school so I could graduate "every year"--he thought he'd get to miss school to go to my "every year" graduation.

I became a librarian in August 2000. I've never looked back; it is the best "job" in the world! I started at Douglass in August 2013, and these are the best years I had as a librarian!

We use the Accelerated Reader (AR) program here at Douglass.  I've labeled close to 1/3 of our library books, and am working on the rest over time.  If you have a book and want to see if it has an AR test, check this website:

Parents:  I'm available each day 8:00-9:00.

No food, no drink.  If it goes in your mouth and God or the dentist or orthodontist didn't put it there, then it's not allowed in your mouth while in the library.     

No running; the books aren't going anywhere, so you don't need to run to them.

No "outside" voices.

Clean language.  Yo no sabe Espanol, pero yo sabe the mal words en Espanol, so don't go there!

Ours is a self-cleaning library; clean up after yourself, please.

Return your library items on time, even early if you're finished.  If you need more time, bring it in and we'll renew the checkout period, giving you another two weeks.

Take care of everything.  This is OUR library; yours, mine, and everyone who goes to Douglass.  Treat everything as if it is your personal item; libraries and library items are precious!

Read, read, read!