Davis, Gregory
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Hello My Name Is...

Coach Davis


Welcome guests to my personal webpage.  As you may note my call name (Digital Footprint) is Dragoncoach1, I am a Physical Education Instructor at Douglass Elementary school located on Eucalyptus Street just north of Bowie High School (the suburbs of Segundo Barrio) here in El Paso, Texas.  I have built this site to provide educational and technological resources to our outstanding Parents, Students and Educational Professionals.  One of my duties on campus, besides that of Physical Education Instructor, is that of Technology Liaison providing information, guidance, and mentoring to my peers about ways to integrate technology into the classroom setting.

I also facilitate several after school activities to enhance our students educational experience on this campus.  These activities include Chess, Art, Archery and Technology (for more details log on above to Dragon Physical Education which will take you to the Douglass Physical Education web page). We also have started a campus broadcast called, "The Dragon Network" which will soon be airing.

Please take the time to explore this page (it is a work in progress).  A blog has just been added called,  "DragonCoach1 Cerca del Rio Grande"  and I intend to have guest bloggers besides myself from time to time lending their voice to our common experience. Feel free to contact me via email or Face Book or follow me through Twitter, my #hashtag is @dragoncoach1.  
I am looking forward to hearing from you and serving you anyway that I can. 

I have posted this link to my existing website until I move it from its present located to it's new home at this spot.