Pedroza, Veronica

Hello My Name Is..
Veronica Pedroza


Welcome :
Mrs. Pedroza's Pre- K class.
As always, I am very excited to be teaching your child this year. This year will be filled with exploring, learning ,and growing together.

I am originally from Juarez,Mexico. I graduated from UTEP in 1991 and am currently working to enhance my teaching by obtaining a Master's degree in Early Childhood development.

Every child is a flower waiting to bloom. It is my job to nurture and care for the child.


  1. Walk, do not run

  2. Listen

  3. Share

  4. Take care of school

  5. No hitting

Homework Policy :

Homework will provide the connection between home and school.

Reinforce the skills learned at school and mastered at home.

Create responsibility and develop study habits.


Homework is between 5 – 10 min. three times a week.

Students should read a book with an adult.

When the student is ready to read it by itself, he/she will answer some questions about the book.

Parent Responsibility:

The parent will provide time for help him/her in the studies.

The parent will help with flash cards, abc, and numbers.

Sign the calendar for" complete homework".

Teacher Responsibility:

Explain homework assignments.                                                   

Homework will be sent in the homework folder.

Monitor homework quality.

Meet with the parent if they have any questions.


I am available for conferencing before and after school, or call office to make appointment.