Athletic Performance

Chess is the Gymnasium of the Mind

Chess has long been recognized throughout the world as a builder of strong intellects. A youngster taking part in a chess program develops critical thinking; logic, reasoning and problem solving abilities; memory retention, concentration and visualization skills; confidence; patience; determination; poise; self-expression; and good sportsmanship. And perhaps more importantly, children who participate in the program improve their self-esteem.

"Students exposed to chess are much more optimistic about overcoming obstacles and struggles on a regular basis. Research supports the idea that schools that establish innovative programs like chess playing develop high expectations for their students and the atmosphere in which their students can achieve them."  'Salome Thomas-EL Chess: The Best Move for Students'

"In the United States, we have become so focused on test scores that we have forgotten to teach our students to appreciate the process of learning, to embrace struggle, and to build self-efficacy and resilience." 'Salome Thomas-EL Chess: The Best Move for Students'

Search the images of Douglass and area students participating Scholastic Chess Tournaments held at various places around the El Paso community in the Photo Gallery.

Lancaster Elementary (Fall)

Hanks High School (Winter)

East Montana Middle School < >

Lancaster Elementary (Spring)

Yselta Independent School District

Tierra Del Sol

Vista Hills Elementary

Douglass Elementary School (May 5, 2012)

Americas High School (May 19, 2012) 

 EPCC City Championships (June 2, 2012) 1st Place_Elementary Division

VVECHS_Ysleta Independent School District_October 6, 2012_3rd Place Elementary Division